Multistix 8 SG, 100 Stück


Multistix 8 SG, 100 StückMultistix 8 SG, 100 StückMultistix 8 SG, 100 Stück

Siemens Multistix 8 SG Reagent Strips are for the use of Urinalysis. Siemens Reagent Strips are ready to use upon removal from the bottle. The Urinalysis strips include test pads for protein, blood, leucocytes, nitrite, glucose, ketone, pH and??specific gravity. To use: Collect freshly voided urine in a clean, dry container. Mix the sample before and testing and test within 2 hours after voiding, sooner if testing for bilirubin or urobilinogen.?? 1) Dip all the test pads of the strip into the urine and remove immediately. 2) Drag the edge of the strip against the container rim to remove excess urine. 3) Compare each test pad to the colour blocks on the bottle label. Read each pad at the time shown on the label, starting with the shortest time. Colour changes that occur after 2 minutes are of no diagnostic value. 4) Disguard the used reagent strip according to your laboratory procedures. 1 pack contains 100 test strips
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